I also adore doing treatments. I feel very comfortable with the challenge of finding the ideal shot, stills or video references, and the perfect tone for explaining the story, in a creative and efficient way. I do ‘ghost’ write, research and of course, a nice layout. I understand what directors need and also, I know what agencies and clients expect to see. Book me!


Adam Johnson / Albert Saguer / Belén Capdevila / Carles Mestres / David Alcalde / DosCabezas / Fabrizio Mari / Greg Bray / Hypno / Katja Brauer-Baratin / Lluís Freixa / Manu Portillo / Mario García / Miguel Bueno / Petra Garmon (Arnau) / Pol Penas / Pol Rodríguez / Rafa Quinto / Reca / Ricardo Inácio / Santiago Zannou

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